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Xango has made it possible for you to get started in your own home based business.

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International Teamworks Incorporated

Silver Position

If you would prefer to watch a flash video presentation Click here you will be directed to our business web site then click on the Opportunity.

On July 1st 2002 International Teamworks founders Steve and Stuart Finger announced a new independent representative plan. This new plan fits with the founders goals of having more families making a six figure income then any company in history. 

Under the Silver position plan, you will simply have to purchase a $49.95 plus $10.00 shipping and handling marketing kit annually. Less then $60.00 a year to get started in your own home based business. 

You will be able to sign up customers for all products, earn commissions, sponsor new Silver Position Representatives, earn up to 15 levels of pay and receive additional pay points. 

Although the Silver Position  ($59.95) program is not as powerful as the Platinum position ($399) it will allow anyone who puts forth an effort to easily produce residual income. 

This plan works much like the $399.00 program with a few, very important differences. 

Under the $399 plan rep's get paid by:

Team pay - ITI reps get paid when they and there Team-Mates sponsor new people into ITI who also gather customers.

Customer usage pay - ITI reps get paid commissions from the customer usage pay (CUP) of the customers they personally gather, and the customers gathered by their team-mates. Customer usage pay is actually the most powerful part of our pay plan.

Product pay -  with higher commissions on your personal sales and the sales of those you sponsor. This provides you with NOW money while your customer usage pay continues to grow. 

The second and third part (Customer usage pay, Product Pay)  of making money as an International Teamworks, Incorporated rep is activated when you become a rep for $49.95!!!  

By signing up today as a $49.95 Representative you lock in your spot on our team. When you find out what a phenomenal program this is, one that works, you will not be starting over when you upgrade to the $349 position. 

Don't delay ITI is growing at over 6,000% a year. Join today lock in your position with our team!

 Take a look at what your site would look like Click here and view our flash video presentation also.

 To Join International Teamworks Inc. Click here



Show me how in 7 minutes to provide MORE for my family
with my OWN BUSINESS working part time from home.

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