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Home business opportunity resources for your home business, to get started today offering products and services used everyday!

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Xango has made it possible for you to get started in your own home based business.

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Domain Names $5.95

Did You Ever Want Your Own Domain Name? Now You Can For As Low As $5.95 Per Year



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MLM TaxHelper

Eliminates the Tax Nightmare of Your MLM Business AND Helps You Claim Every Tax Deduction you are Legally Entitled To Resulting in a Potential Windfall of Tax Savings


MLM TaxHelper

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Motorola Two
Way Radios

XTN and CLS Business 2-way Radios and Motorola Talkabout FRS Walkie Talkies for business or family communication.

For the Best Price On

Two Way Radios

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International Teamworks Incorporated

Platinum Position

Platinum Membership Position. The position allows you more ways to create residual income, and vests you in some qualifications.

Learn More about International Teamworks and our network marketing business opportunity by watching a 16 minute flash video presentation. Click here Once there click on opportunity.

Six containers of MA+ Complex
Three Personal Water Filtration System
ITI Membership
NCMI Membership
Earn Commissions on Sales of Products and Services
Earn $20, $30 and $200 Fast Start Pay
Earn QPR Team Pay
Eligibility for 15 Levels
Eligibility for Up to 50 Levels
Earn Additional Pay Points
Residual Pay on Renewing QPRs (Fast Start & Team Pay)
Residual Pay on Services
First Month of ITI Web Site Free*
$19.95 Set Up Fee for ITI Web Site is Included*
Vesting Available for Any Levels of Pay
Shipping & Handling Included

Sign up to become an ITI representative now!

* The website is your primary business tool, however it is optional and costs $14.95 per month to maintain. Setup fee and first month are free if you activate your site at the time you enroll as an ITI representative. If you decide not to keep your website, you may cancel at any time during the complementary period with no charge. If you decide to activate a site after your first month as an ITI representative, or to reactivate your site after cancellation, the $19.95 setup fee and the first month maintenance fee of $14.95 will apply.


"What do I Get for my $399?"

Complete Business Building Kit: Everything you need to build your home business.

Website set-up.

Tax Benefits of owning your own business.

Much of your bookkeeping is done for you.

State of the art residual income tracking system.

A team of people negotiating on your behalf for lower prices and higher commissions.

The opportunity to be in business for a few hundred dollars instead of thousands of dollars.

Unlimited business consulting from industry experts to help you build YOUR business.

Free Training with our site TeamWorksForUs

And me to provide you with personal training.

 Over the last five years, almost 100,000 people have made the decision to join ITI and develop their own successful home business. 

Does it really work?

Many people are a little skeptical about network marketing as a home business. I know I was one! Listen in on a 20 minute class taught by Dr. Charles King of Havard University fame. He will explain to you what is the "fairest" form of business that exists today- He calls it:

Brilliant Compensation

Click on the link above and when your ready, give me a call, Toll Free 1-888-371-1771 for a no pressure discussion about ITI and what it has to offer you!

 To Join International Teamworks Inc.

Click here



Show me how in 7 minutes to provide MORE for my family
with my OWN BUSINESS working part time from home.

Mangosteen - The Queen of Fruits


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